In Japan, there is spring, summer, fall and winter. Harsh ultraviolet light with high temperatures and high humidity during summer, sometimes piles of snow with low temperatures and low humidity during winter. Throughout the year a roof must withstand all climates heat, cold, wet and dry.

In addition, there are also typhoons, which may have a wind speed 30m / sec or more when the storm is raging. Typhoons mercilessly try to detach the roof.Damage by flying objects that can easily crack tiles. There is also a risk of secondary damage from the broken pieces. Heavy rain which enters through small gaps, also leads to extensive house damage.

Japan is also in one of the most earthquake-prone areas of the world. To protect the house from the shaking of the earthquake, lightening the roof itself is thought to be best.

We at FujiSlate think with a number of natural disasters looming, we want to save lives and protect against property damage, therefore the Air Roof is what we have developed.

These two types of screws are used in the installation of “SOLAR GASHITTO”. The feature of these screws is they will stay fixed for a long period of time simply by driving them in place, and they demonstrate waterproof performance.A simple improvement to the device that is a pre-attached EPDM rubber packing on the screw. This improvement is an original Fuji Slate design that has been patented in Japan.

By adopting this, we obtained significant benefits such as the improvement of work efficiency at site ②reduction of variation of workmanship in the finished product by the builders and ③shortening of construction period. By stacking small devices “SOLAR GASHITTO” achieved “a simple structure,and easy installation.”

High quality even in places not seen. That is “Made in Japan” pride.

“Not effected by rain and wind, without cracking, avoiding damage from earthquakes, and staying beautiful for a long period of time”, was the dream of the ideal form of roof tiles from 1945. Since then, through repeat trial and error, the Air Roof series possess enormous wisdom and know-how that is now complete.

Since then we pursue a way it should be in the future of roofing, at the axis of the Air Roof series, we have developed products, such as SOLAR GASHITTO and TO-RYO.

The products of Fuji Slate produced in Japan, curently continues to evolve, we will provide peace of mind and comfort for your roof.