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If you agree to the ”Handling of personal information”, please fill in.

We recognize the importance of the information that identifies you personally (personal information) that the protective measures for individual rights and interests , for its policies and handling procedures , to promote "personal information protection initiatives "therefore the following policies have been enacted

  1. The Company, in addition to implementing education awareness activities for employees, for each department that handles personal information, place a chief administrator in charge who will strive to carry out the appropriate management of personal information
  2. The Company ensures the security of personal information stored in the automated processing system, by taking reasonable technical measures, against illegal intrusion of personal information, personal information loss, tampering, in an effort to prevent dangerous information from leaking.
  3. The Company ensures that it will use the personal information provided by customers in order to fulfill its responsibilities to maintain a contract with customers, in order to develop better products and services, in order to deliver useful information to customers, and that it will be used only for legitimate purposes.
  4. The Company ensures that, the personal information provided by customers, will not provide information to third parties except when there is a valid reason for a Company's subsidiary, and/or business contractor and/or partner, as well as the Company or the Company's subsidiaries related business to use that information.
  5. When we ask a visitor to offer personal information, as a general rule, we will tell you the collection purpose, the range of third parties whom we offer the personal information to, using adaptive window for the visitor.
  6. The Company ensures that if the personal information you provided was provided to a third party, that unless special circumstances, mentioned by the mandatory method according to the contract, that we will strive to take provisions to prevent leaks from the third party.
  7. The Company asks you for the confirmation of personal information which you provide, if you wish to correct, etc., will correspond to a reasonable extent. Please use the Company’s corresponding window to make any corrections or changes of information.
  8. The Company ensures the compliance with Japanese laws and norms relating to the protection of your personal information, continuously review the contents of the compliance program, including this policy, and will strive to make improvements.