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Using refractory materials for the roofing material and outer walls is required by law to prevent the spread fire to neighboring homes. What about verandas and balconies?
The answer is…No obligation is required(Apl.2014) . It is presumed, that buildings in crowded areas such as urban areas is going to be require these laws in the near future.
If the veranda or the balcony caughton fire and spread to the inside of the house, refractory materials used for the house would mean nothing. To decorate the house more safely and more beautifully“Ceramic Board”could be used.
For not only safety, we have also gained a reputation for beauty as well. Space that has been used as a storeroom can now be remodeled into an area for relaxing in the sunshine.

Strong Point

The use on non-combustible, safe materials.

Because of its dry construction method it is optimally solid to provide outstanding fire protection. It’s even strong to walk on.

Beautifully finished with simple construction.

It will produce a comfortable space in the surface finish with a high class look.

It is an excellent FRC product durability


To prevent fire and beautify balconies

To upgrade entrances

To decorate yard front yard and approach


Example of construction