The period of people being apathetic to energy problems is over. What is needed in the developed countries for housing construction? It is to make a comfortable space without damaging the environment.

Fuji Slate offers a comfortable space that is one step ahead of conventional insulation by using a construction method for thermal insulation that is for the outside of the roof

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Developing comfortable space

The room will not easily be affected by the temperature difference between the outside and inside.

Long life for the house

Comfortable space for people is a comfortable environment for the house.


Air conditioning cost are also reduced which additionally conserves energy.

Lifecycle cost reduction

Savings can be realized by reducing energy costs, repair cost and reducing damage to the house, also creating a comfortable space to live can lead to savings in health and maintenance costs.

Simple construction and low cost

Through our unique construction method, we realized simple construction method at low cost.
At the time of new construction makes it easier to introduce renovation.

Can be used in combination
with “TO-RYO”

Insulation and comfort on a higher notch is feasible through the combination with “Ventilation Ridge Tile TO-RYO”.

・・・Construction part

【DANNETSU Under-Tile insulation method system】


Influx of heat to the attic is small. Because there is a thermal insulation sheet to the outdoor side of the roofboard and waterproof sheet, high durability of the roof, including up to roofboard and tarpaulin.


Because there is an insulating material to the outdoor side of the waterproof sheet, there is almost no occurrence of condensation.

【Attic insulation method】


Influx of heat to the attic is small. Because roofboard and waterproof sheet are not adiabatic, the temperature rises, the durability is lowered.


It is easy to be condensation between the roofboard and insulation material.

【Ceiling insulation method】


When the attic temperature rises to a maximum of 60 ℃, there is a case in which heat cannot escape even in the middle of the night causing a raise the indoor temperature.


When the attic ventilation is poor, it can cause condensation inside the roof board and attic.

If a combination of homogeneous ventilation building system “TO-RYO “, as well as to exert a more effective thermal insulation, ventilation, of course, is more effective to prevent condensation. We will strongly recommend the combination of a “TO-RYO “.