“GASHITTO-ARM” mounts solar panels to the roof. It is made to easily and securely install solar panels. When combining with the“GASHITTO-BASE”it will possess true strength. There are many variations according to the shape of the roof, so it is possible to be used for most roofs.

“GASHITTO-BASE” supports “GASHITTO-ARM”. The Gashitto base is designed to integrate well with Air Roof and gives a smart finish natural finish.

  • Contact roof
  • 4-support-point
  • Simple & Easy
  • Air Roof based

Between the roof and solar panels, there is only a small gap when using the “GASHITTO-ARM”. By setting the solar panel in low position, it reduces the forces that cause peeling. It integrates well with the roof and gives a smart look.

The difference between general methods and ours is the number of support points. General methods support solar panels only with metal rails. By supporting each panel at 4 points will increase the installation strength. Therefore, you feel assured that this system will last a long time even in a with strong wind.

It is not only for the contractor that receives the benefits from the simple structure and easy execution. It will shorten the total construction time and is also not influenced by the skill of each contractor. Especially when using the“GASHITTO-BASE” TYPE-A

which is easier to construct and only requires a basic skill level. Processing tiles is not necessary; therefore it reduces the chance of roof leakage, strength reduction and post construction problems.

“GASHITTO-BASE” is specially designed to maintain a leakage amount of 1/300, a 30% gain in tensile strength, 10x greater impact resistance and reduced weight of 40%. This is accomplished because “GASHITTO-BASE” is specially designed on the basis of the “Air Roof”. High efficiency from the “Air Roof” influences “GASHITTO-BASE”indeed.

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