FUJISLATE's Future and Environmental Challenges
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Our goal is to use 30% circular materials (recycled waste materials) as raw materials by 2030.

AIR ROOF Sustainability

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2019-2021 Joint research on sustainability communication





Keio Univ

【 Outline of joint research】

  1. Real material experiment of waste, prototyping with various combinations KMD

  2. Concept story, visualization, sales promotion content

  3. Conducting a questionnaire for architects and designers

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KMD is a graduate school that nurtures media innovators who are creative leaders who can play an active role on the global stage, and conducts various activities to lead a creative society. Aiming not only for academic results, but also for the purpose of having an impact on society through collaboration with companies. Practice MAKE, DEPLOY, and IMPACT. In order to carry out cutting-edge activities as a member of the international community, we use English and Japanese as our official languages, and we are developing an environment that makes the most of our network infrastructure.


Keio University Graduate School Circular Design Laboratory
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Designer, inventor, educator. Founder of the brand "NOOKA". Recognized as a pioneer in interactive digital and UX design, founded New York Zoom in 1997. At KMD, he established SAMCARA, a circular design laboratory that utilizes materials science and bio-design, in addition to conventional design.